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Welcome to Miss Hikari's School for Magical Girls!!

Play as an animal familiar recruiting magical girls to fight the evil of the world.  Instead of exp, in this game characters gain friendship points.  When the friendship between two girls reaches a certain point, stories of the two doing fun and sometimes romantic things will be unlocked, and they will gain abilities only they can use.

The game is a very, very early WIP.   Right now all you can do is move.  However, we'll be continuing to develop it over the upcoming months, so save the link if you want to follow its development! ^.^

Design and Programming - Tess Wainwright (Portfolio / Twitter/ itch)
Music and Sound Design - Gubbles (Portfolio / Twitter / itch / Bandcamp/ Soundcloud)
Art - Kalechips (Twitter / itch)
Art - Emily Echevarria (Portfolio / Twitter)


Magical Girl School Windows.zip 33 MB
Magical Girl School Mac.zip 33 MB
Magical Girl School Linux.zip 33 MB

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